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Green Roof/Wall systems

​Index EXTENSIVE green roof system
Light in weight, adding little structural load to the flat or sloping roof; the shallow rootzone will support low maintenance hardy plants such as sedums, herbs and grasses;  access is for maintenance only.


The most popular green cover for an Extensive green roof is sedum (stonecrop species) which ispre-grown on a matting base so it can be delivered to site in rolls to give an immediate green cover of about 90%. In addition to this low maintenance Insta system, Index offer the HS method of hand planted sedum plugs which allow a wider variety of species and colours of the hardy species to be introduced. Other options are hand casting (normally of wild flowers or grasses) or hydroseeding which, whilst more economical for large areas, will take about a year to establish.​

Index SEMI/INTENSIVE green roof systems
The Semi-Intensive system is still light in weight but its deeper substrate of approximately 100-200mm will support shrubs and low woody plants such as heathers and lavenders; some irrigation is necessary. Paving and patios can be incorporated.


Intensive system

The Intensive system, with its increased depth of growing medium, allows accessible roof gardens to be designed for recreation, sport or leisure purposes providing the building’s structure can take the greater wet weight and live loadings imposed. Irrigation systems and maintenance  are necessary.

Index BIODIVERSE system
Designed to create a habitat  for indigenous flora and fauna, brown roofs are most commonly installed in city or urban areas. The substrate is constructed from a topping of crushed recycled brick or similar and the roof is left to self-colonise. Ponded zones can be introduced where the loading on the building’s structure permits.


Index modular green wall systems allow a range of decorative plantings to be grown off-site in nursery conditions so that they can be delivered to site in their cassettes once major building wet trades have been completed. Being modular the living wall palette can be changed with the seasons.

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