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Environmentally friendly, replaces otherwise lost landscape


Passive water management: controls rainwater run-off by absorbing much of the immediate input to drains; reduces possible flooding.


Doubles the life expectancy of the vital waterproofing membranes under the vegetation/substrate layer to something in excess of 40 years.


Improves thermal insulation allowing energy savings to be made in heating and/or air conditioning costs over a yearly cycle.


Lowers noise levels by reducing reflective sound


Air quality is improved as moisture  retained in the vegetation slowly evaporates reducing thermal activity above the roof

Benefits of an Index living roof system:

Case Studies 

Underground coastal home Wales.

Local turf was used for the Index Extensive green roof

Sports changing facilities & community heating plant complex Aberdeen.

Sedum clad Extensive roofs curve from 2 to 23 degrees

Library block, University of Lancaster campus Cumbria.

Extensive system with Insta sedum mat

Northwood School Darlington

Green roofs curve and slope over the roofs of this primary with living walls rising to two storey height at the entrance.

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